No Mercy (2010)

Forensic pathologist Kang (Seol Kyeong-gu) is assigned to examine the dismembered corpse of a female murder victim. Detective Min (Han Hye-jin) points to a fanatic environmentalist, Lee Sung-ho (Ryoo Seung-beom), as the primary suspect. But when Kang’s daughter is kidnapped, a manipulative game begins between Kang and Lee, who holds secrets about the homicide case.

Genre : Crime, Thriller
Director : Kim Hyeong-Jun
Starring : Sol Kyung-Gu, Ryu Seung-Beom, Han Hye-Jin
Release Date : January 7, 2010
Language : Korean
Subtitles : English muxed (soft-subbed)
Files : x264 mkv (195+194)MB

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