Bad Couple 2010

Detective Bang Keuk-Hyun (Lim Chang Jung) falls into debt after a loan he guaranteed for a friend becomesdelinquent. Kim Mu-Ryeong (Uhm Ji-Won) works as a customer relations representative for a credit company. Her job is to go after debtors day and night. Detective Bang Keuk-Hyun is her next assignment. The few times that Det. Bang Keuk-Hyun answers Mu-Ryeong’s persistent calls he berates her with profanity. The two then meet at the police station without knowing each other’s identity at first … 

Also Known As: Romantic Debtors / Love on the Debt / Bad Man and Woman / Sa-rang-eun Bit-eul Ta-go)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitle: None at the Moment
Year: 2010
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Cast: Lim Chang Jung Uhm Ji-Won Jung Eun-Woo Sa-Hee Kang Jae-Seop Lee Jae-Gu Jo Deok-Hyeon 


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