Killer Virgin Road (2009)

Synopsis : Hiroko (Juri Ueno) is about to get married to the handsome Kenichiro when disaster strikes. Her landlord stops by the happy bride-to-be’s apartment where a pair of wayward scissors falls from a shelf and stabs him in the back as he bends forward to pick something up. His body begins to stiffen even before Hiroko realizes what has happened.

On the road to Mount Fuji where Hiroko intends to dump the corpse, something falls on the hood of her car out of the blue. That “something” is Fukuko Kobayashi (Yoshino Kimura), who is dying to… die. Fukuko believes that she is irredeemably unhappy and has endeavored to commit suicide again and again. As Hiroko and Fukuko begin their journey to abandon the corpse, a weird friendship begins to build.

After many twists and turns, Hiroko walks down the aisle. An airmail delivery arrives for the happy honeymooner, but when Hiroko opens the envelope, the paperknife slips from her hand and it ends up stabbing Kenichiro in the chest. Again, after putting the corpse in her luggage, Hiroko has to run away, but unlike the last time, she is full of hope.

Source : AsianMediaWiki

Genre : Comedy
Directed by : Goro Kishitani
Cast : Juri Ueno / Yoshino Kimura / Yasufumi Terawaki

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