My Boss My Hero 3 - The Boss The Salesman

Korea's favorite gangster comedy series is back with its third installment. Tough but good-hearted gangster Gye Du-sik has survived high school in "My Boss, My Hero" (2002) and made it through as a student teacher in its sequel "My Boss, My Teacher" (2006).

Actor Lee Seong-jae ("Public Enemy", 2002) replaces Jeong Joon-ho in "The Mafia, The Salesman", where Du-sik trades in his guns for a white-collar position at a big-time corporation, to master the art of business management so he can better organize his mafia in the age of globalization. The slapstick traces the high-flying adventures of the gangster's corporate invasion and office romance, but is also packed with lots of action when troubles with opposing mafia forces ensue over labor union issues.

In the era of Free Trade Agreements (FTA), the head boss of the Young-dong ‘organized gang’ decides they should not lose their guard and rounds his top men together. After a long talk, they conclude they should benchmark off big corporations’ ‘globalized management’ and prepare their gang for globalization! Just then, the only one to graduate from college, GYE Doo-shik is called to the role. Will Doo-shik be able to carry out his mission in the mega company without a glitch?

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