April snow (2005)

April Snow is a 2005 Korean romance film. Filming commenced on February 4, 2005 under the director Hur Jin-ho. The film was released in September 2005. Despite not making a profit in its country of origin alone, the film was a box-office success in several Asian countries, owing mostly to the international popularity of the lead actor, Bae Yong-joon.
Due to this, the film has been used as an example of the Korean wave phenomenon.[1]

The story tells the relationship between two married people, In-soo and Seo-young. They realised that both their spouses had love affairs with their partners after being involved in an accident. Their relationship grew as they approached each other for help occasionally.


* Bae Yong Joon as In-soo

* Son Ye-jin as Seo-young
* Im Sang-hyo as Kang Soo-jin
* Kim Kwang-il as Kwang-il
* Jeon Kuk-hwan as Soo-jin
* Yoo Seung-mok as Doctor
* Kim Se-dong as Security Guard
* Jeon Dae-byung as Policeman
* Yoo Seung-soo as Yoon Kyung-ho

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