Speedy Scandal (2008)

Nam Hyun Soo (Cha Tae Hyun) was once a popular idol star among teens and worshipped liked a god. Although he’s in his mid-thirties now, he’s still a sought-after celebrity and the host of a popular radio show. But one day a very young single mom named Jung Nam (Park Bo Yeong) sends her stories to the radio show that Hyun Soo hosts. Her stories about her longing to meet her father whom she’s never seen before grips the nation and catapults
the ratings to make it the most popular program. But to his surprise, Hyun Soo later confronts none other than Jung Nam, and her 7 year-old boy, Gi Dong (Hwang Seok Hyeon). Jung Nam and Gi Dong invade Hyun Soo’s home and his radio station, claiming that Hyun Soo is her father. Hyun Soo does what he can to salvage his celebrity image.

The film has sold over 8.2 million tickets in Korea and catapulted young star Park Bo-young to household-name status (and earned her a Baeksang Award). Hollywood plans to remake this funny, intelligent and quality story (and film) for the American audience. Hopefully they won’t fail miserably after their version of My Sassy Girl (Straight to DVD) and Tale of Two Sisters (The Uninvited).

Year         : 2008
Country    : Korea
Director    : Kang Hyeong Cheol
Genre       : Drama, Comedy
Runtime    : 108 min
Language  : Korean 

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