2 Faces of My Girlfriend

Gu-chang is a timid guy in his mid-twenties who has never kissed a girl in his entire life and spending the past 7 years in the college, failing to graduate. He is always ridiculed by his friends and deemed as an all-round loser by his family.

One day, he picks up a wallet at a dining hall and meets its owner, a charming young girl. He falls in love with her almost immediately… She may be a little eccentric with plenty of odd behaviors and doings: popping
bubble wraps when feeling down; and breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s apartment…

But as soon as everything seems rosy, Gu-chang discovers another side of this perfect girl: a violent and wild side of her. When confronting a group of
juvenile gangsters, she takes them down single-handedly. Later, Gu-chang figures out that the violent side of her is Hani, while the sweet and demure side is of Ani. How could such a lovely girl have multiple personality disorder?

Though Gu-chang feels uncomfortable with her other violent
personality, he falls deeply in love with Ani and is determined to stay by her side. However, he discovers a shocking secret of Ani’s past and begins to doubt if he has made the right decision. 

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